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Medication Conversion Chart

Please use the following as a guide to convert teaspoons to milliliters:

Baby Care

Going home with a new baby is exciting, but it can be scary, too. Newborns have many needs, like frequent feedings and diaper changes. Babies can have health issues that are different from older children and adults, like diaper rash and cradle cap.

Tick Removal

For information on tick removal please click here.

Child Nutrition

A healthy diet helps children grow and learn. It also helps prevent obesity and weight-related diseases, such as diabetes.


Also called: Varicella
Chickenpox is an infectious disease caused by the varicella virus.

Ear Infection

Also called: Otitis media
Ear infections are the most common illnesses in babies and young children.

Infant and Toddler Nutrition

Food provides the energy and nutrients a baby or toddler needs to be healthy.

Infant and Toddler Development

When will my baby take his first step or say her first word?

Acetaminophen for Infants Reformulated

Please be advised that companies producing acetaminophen will be reformulating the dosage for infants.

Bisphenol A (BPA)

Bisphenol A (BPA) has raised concerns over the last few years.

Drug Dosages

Parents: please be advised that Acetaminophen dosages have been reformulated. Click here to read more.